Become a GGB Sponsor

Starting in 2021 our monthly Barbell Club subscription will include sponsors from other small businesses in our community. We believe in supporting one another and would like to open an opportunity to offer our platform & support to highlight your company to our subscribers.

WHAT IS THE GGB BARBELL CLUB SUBSCRIPTION? Each month, we surprise our subscribers with a totally new exclusive and unique release. Each box includes a specialty item such as new release tank or tee, sports bra or leggings every month plus 2 other smaller items from GGB and other sponsors. Currently our monthly box total is at 120 but plan for growth if you're considering being a sponsor.

Sponsorship details
To be considered for the sponsor of the month, your company must have an online presence on Instagram & must have a product that is not perishable when shipped.
There are two ways to be a sponsor for the monthly barbell club:
1) Main Sponsor of the month
As the main sponsor of the month, your business will provide the main item included in the monthly box. This may range from any product your company specializes but must be approved prior to sending the barbell club. GGB will pay for the cost of material and labor for the main item you provide as long it falls within our budget for the subscription item. All items must be shipped to GGB to include in the monthly boxes.
2) Secondary Sponsor of the month
As a secondary sponsor of the month, your business will provide any marketing material with your business information containing a special discount code of your choice for all of the barbell club subscribers. This can be a 5x7 card or smaller items such as braclets, pens, samples etc.  GGB will consider paying for the cost of samples and other larger priced items upon agreement.
What GGB will do for your company?
Becoming a sponsor is also becoming a part of the GGB family. Leading up to the sponsor month GGB will announce, tag & promote your company on our social media platform and email subscribers. In addition, you'll have GGB's full support in everything you do. We become invested in your company with all our interest. We hope that we can help bring your company to reach all our followers!
DOES THIS SOUND LIKE SOMETHING YOU WANT TO BE A PART OF? We're ready to line up the 2021 box release. Please message us your interest and provide details of your company including your IG account.
Susie Aranda
Garage Gym Barbell