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Monthly Barbell Club Box

Introducing GGB BARBELL CLUB SUBSCRIPTION! Each month, we’ll surprise you with a totally new exclusive and unique release. Your box will include a specialty item such as new release tank or tee, sports bra or leggings every month! You'll especially love the workout programs and motivation we include in your box each month.

In addition, as a GGB Barbell Club member, you will receive an exclusive 20% discount code to use on any other purchases in the GGB SHOP. That’s HUGE! It gets even better. Each monthly delivery will include a special surprise!


At sign up, choose your size option for the release of the month. Next, create your online account. Each month after sign up, your subscription will automatically process on the 1st of each month and your GGB  Barbell Club Box will be shipped.
Yes you can! Sign up prior to the 14th of any month and your Barbell Club will ship in the first week of the following month.


You'll have access to your online account to make monthly changes and skip a month if you wish. Changes can be made at any time before the 14th of each month. Cancel anytime after 3 months.

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Each month we'll surprise you with a something amazing ranging from new release leggings, shorts, backpack, beanie, or unique GGB design tank or tee!


In addition to receiving a new release, we always add in some extra little goodies to make it even sweeter


Let's make it even better! GGB's free workout programs or monthly challenges will be sent along with your box. You can watch for our demonstration videos that are posted in the month to follow along with your at home program

save on purchases

As a barbell club member, you'll receive 20% off any additional purchases made in the shop.That's huge!