Week May 23-29

Week May 23-29

Day 1

Wide grip bench 8x2
DB Bench 4x10
lat pull down 4x15
lat pull over 3x10
bicep curl 4x10
banded tricep pull down 3x20

Day 2

Squat or box squat 5x3 at an RPE 7
Pause squat 3x5 RPE 4 light focus on form in the bottom
Bulgarian split squat 3x10 Each leg
leg ext 3x15
DB stiff leg deadlift 3x20
1x100 Ab of choice
1x100 banded hamstring curls

Day 3
Bench 5x3 at RPE 6  *on your last set do an amrap (as many reps as possible)
DB seated shoulder press 4x8
Close grip lat pull downs 3x15
One arm bent over row 3x15
Push ups 3x"max reps"
DB side bends 3x20

Day 4
Warm up your hamstrings, glutes, abs well
Deadlifts 5x2 at RPE 7
Pause deadlifts 3x3 at knee light weight to have perfect form
Back extension 3x20 bodyweight only
Sled drag 1x10mins

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