11-6-21 SATURDAY upper

11-6-21 SATURDAY upper
  • Bench press 10x3x45% bands
  • Bench Press Straight Weight Top Set: 2 Sets, Close Grip Bench Press, 8 Reps increasing 5 pounds from the week before. If you are just starting, start with around 75% of your max. If you get to a week where you fail on this set, change your grip and rep scheme (choose from 8 reps, 5 reps, or 3 reps) and decrease your initial starting weight by about 10% of what you failed at. **FOR EXAMPLE: If you come to a week where you fail, making only 6 of your 8 reps at 225 lbs. close grip, the following week switch your grip to medium grip for 5 reps and lower your starting weight to 205. Follow this procedure for when you fail at 5 reps by going to 3 reps at wide grip.
  • Incline bamboo bar with hanging kb 3x20
  • chin ups (underhand) 3xmax reps
  • 3x10 Chest supported barbell row with 3 sec hold at top
  • 3x20 close grip pin press

    Tricep French Press (Lay on Flat Bench, Use EZ Curl or Regular Bar, far behind your head do a skull crusher but extend behind your head, not above)