2-28-22 MONDAY lower body

2-28-22 MONDAY lower body
Warm up
  • Isometric rotation on the floor VIDEO HERE
    hold 5 secs each side, 5 reps per side then switch knee positions and repeat.
  • Seated banded abductor - band at knees, sitting on box 20 reps
  • banded glute bridge 20 reps
  • lock claim shell 20 reps each side

Main work

  • REVERSE BAND SQUAT work up to a 1 rep max
    Be smart. You've hit your max when form breaks down.
  • drop down sets 3x5x70%

    Kim- sub with box squat reverse band 5x5x65-70% (do you have a reverse band box squat max? Find a weight that makes you work but able to keep form. It should feel perfect. Your goal is to brace big and set box at just above parallel. Video- if your back has movement (you wont have a butt wink on the box but watch for "movement", raise the box higher if you find that there is movement
    Lakin- Only go up in weight until your knees start to cave. If it happens very soon. stop the max effort work and move to sets of 2 with a weight that you keep knees in line.
    Shannon- sub with a max effort box squat w/reverse bands. Set box above parallel. If you start to feel you're moving into a "goodmorning" stop the max effort and do sets of 1-2.
    Katie- work up to a "moderate" weight. Feel comfortable with the weight and the movement.
    Grace- sub with rep scheme 6x4x80% (use your regular squat max for percentage if you don't have a box squat reverse band max) your goal is to keep knees in line. If 80% feels too light, increase. Feels too heavy, decrease. Find the perfect weight.
    Rita- go for it as long as you feel mentally there. Remember its always okay to do 5x5, or work up to a moderate weight on the days you're not feeling it.
    Casey- I need to see the side and front angle of your squats please.
    Angelica- Go for it, but as soon as you loose your back arch, stop.
    Christina- send your weekly update please
    Diane- needs a phone
    Lyndsay- send your weekly update please

Auxiliary work

  • 4x10 DB walking lunges
    Shannon- sub these with whatever feels good on your knees. Let's keep them happy
  • 3x20 REVERSE HYPERS or banded back extention
    for anyone with low back pinch on the decline, stick with flat bench
    Note- for those with limited time, this can be done on tuesday or a 2nd workout later in the day
    Banded Deficit Hip Bridges (no barbell) - 4x20 superset with 1 Minute Belt squat (or Banded) Marching