Cycle 2 | Week 1 | Day 1 Lower Body 20240212

Cycle 2 | Week 1 | Day 1 Lower Body 20240212

Cycle 2, Week 1 - Day 1: Lower Body Blast!

Welcome back, Sisters of Iron, to the beginning of a new cycle in our relentless pursuit of strength! As we embark on Cycle 2, Week 1, get ready to ignite those gains with lower body. Push yourself but stay within the percentages

Lower Body:

1. Squat:

  • Full squats or box squats
    • 75% x 5
    • 80% x 5
    • 85% x 5 + Amrap (push yourself for extra reps here)
    • then 2x6x65%

2. Auxiliary Lifts:

  • Strengthen your posterior chain and lower back with these targeted exercises:
    • 12-14 Good Mornings: Choose your weapon – barbell, banded with a bar, or solely banded – and feel the burn as you strengthen your posterior chain.
    • 12-14 Reverse Hyper or Back Extension: Strengthen your lower back and glutes.

3. Finish Strong:

  • Complete 2 rounds of the following circuit:
    • 5 Opposite Style Deadlift
    • 1 Min Plank Hold: Engage your core and build stability with a solid plank hold.
    • 30 Banded Hamstring Curls

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Get ready to crush your limits and elevate your strength to new heights! Let's kick off Cycle 2 with unmatched determination and unwavering resolve. Remember, every rep brings us closer to our goals. Stay strong, Sisters!

Strength and unity, Susie Aranda
Sisters of Iron, Founder

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