Empowered women empower other women | 5 practical ways to empower others

Empowered women empower other women | 5 practical ways to empower others


"Empowered women, empower other women"

When you read this statement, what comes to your mind? Do you think of a moment when you've felt empowered by someone or perhaps you think of those times that you've stepped up to the "platform", so to speak, and encouraged a sister in need?

Empowering others can take many forms. What we do on a individual and personal level with those in our circle can make a huge impact but it takes more than simply talking about empowerment. How can we put into practicality this principle of empowering others?

Here are 5 ways to Empower women in your circle

• HONESTY. A key component to empowerment is honesty. When we are willing to allow ourselves to be vulnerable it can open the door to growth. I follow a woman on IG that has made tremendous physical changes to her body. She's open about her weight loss journey and shares her vulnerability about having surgery to remove the excess skin. This has made a huge impact on my own body image and opened the door for me to appreciate what strength it took for her to be vulnerable enough to share.

What about being vulnerable about our own shortcomings? We are all wrong at some point, right? Keep yourself open to growth and stay honest with yourself. This is true leadership and when others see this it empowers them to do the same.

•BE THEIR BIGGEST FAN. We can empower others by celebrating their milestones with them. Don't let their success be a threat. Remember, your milestones are also worth celebrating and they are not diminished by the success of others.

•ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO STEP UP. I recently read this from The Battle Axe Gym "Picking sides blindly is a sign of immaturity, Picking sides with a purpose is a sign of experience, uniting sides is a sign of mastery". As we grow into our place as a woman that empowers others, we may first find that we're immature, but eventually we become more experienced. Our end goal is to always find a way to unite.

How can we practically do this with those around us? Take the lead and show your vulnerability when you're wrong. Set the pace and walk in that pace everyday!

•TELL YOUR STORY. Tell your story and tell it magnificently in many ways. How many obstacles have you encountered and how are still maneuvering through them? Have you burned more bridges than you can count? or maybe you torched the shit out of those bridges and lived to tell about it? Other women can learn from our mistakes and our successes, but only if we share them. Our stories also help others relate to us, to see themselves in our shoes. Representation matters, so share your story. 

•TAKE UP YOUR SPACE. Girls to the front and take up your space! Empowering other women to speak and express themselves also carries with it a responsibility to curtail negativity. By supporting other women, we can effect change. We feel more confident, we start to believe in our own power, and we feel more equipped to take on new challenges.

It takes Mastery to unite. Become a student of how to curtail negativity and foster empowering women. When we see one of our sisters of iron being loud and proud, take a moment to express how freaking awesome she is!

Susie xoxo

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  • Shan

    This is a wonderful message that I am going to save and make into a poster for our gym! Always love you Susie!! Xoxo

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