WEEK 2 | DAY 1 Lower Body 20231226

WEEK 2 | DAY 1 Lower Body 20231226

Week 2 is here. Today, we're diving deep into the squat rack, aiming for a heavy single rep. Remember, push your limits, but leave a bit in the tank.

Main Lift:

  • Heavy 1-Rep Squat: Work your way up to a challenging single rep. The focus is on strength. Pace yourself and aim for a weight that challenges without sacrificing form.

Auxiliary Work

  • 3x6 Front Squats: Keep the intensity steady and controlled.
  • 3x10/10 KB Single Leg Deadlift: Focus on balance and control throughout each repetition.
  • 3x20 Back Extensions: Strengthen that posterior chain!


  • 100 Banded Hamstring Curls: Engage those hamstrings for a powerful finish.

Abs Burner (5 Rounds - Tabata Style):

  • 20 Sec Plank Hold: Engage your core and hold steady.
  • 10 Sec Sit-Ups: Quick and controlled bursts to keep that burn alive.

Remember, form and technique are key—maintain quality throughout each movement. Embrace the challenge, but always prioritize safety and proper execution.

Stay tuned for more empowering workouts throughout the week, and don't forget to share your journey using #sistersofiron!

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