1-15-21 COMP PREP Max effort upper body

1-15-21 COMP PREP Max effort upper body

Warm up

Choose movements you prefer and warm up:

  • back
  • lats
  • shoulders
  • abs
  • biceps

Main work

  • Bench reverse band 3x1
    Comp grip- pause at chest
  • Incline bench 3x6x75%
  • DB JM press 4x10-12
    See video starting at 9:30min HERE
  • Wide grip lat pull down 5x10 moderate
  • landmine row 5x10 moderate
  • hammer curl 5x10
  • 1x100 Banded tricep push downs
    Use a barbell or block and "push down" vs pull down
  • 1x100 banded pull over


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