1-21-20 Upper body focus conditioning

Warm up
3 rounds of:

  • 10 scap push up
  • 10 banded reverse fly
  • 10 tornado's (5 each direction

Main Work

  • Bamboo bar shoulder press 5x6 *on your 5th set do an AMRAP

*for those with limited equipment

  • use a regular bar and attach mini bands with weights *on your 5th set do an AMRAP
  • if you don't have mini bands sub with straight shoulder presses 5x6

complete 4 rounds of the following:

  • 40 secs banded overhead tricep extensions
  • 40 secs single arm (right) DB clean & press #45lbs
  • 40 secs single arm (left) DB clean & press #45lbs
  • 40 secs Stone to shoulder #65lbs

*allow 10secs "rest" or transition time to each movement - rest 40secs between rounds

Training notes:
banded overhead tricep extension: these are great for triceps. Attach a light band to a heavy dumbbell on the ground and sit on a box with band behind you. Another alternative is to attach the band above you and extend it.

single arm DB press: Each rep the DB needs to drop below the hips or touch the floor. 45lbs is only a recommended weight, choose one you can keep moving for 40 secs

stone to shoulder: pick up a stone to shoulder (any side) and release one arm to finish the movement.

if you don't have a heavy stone, substitute with a heavy sandbag. Clean the sandbag to the shoulder.

Don't have a stone or a sandbag? Use a heavy plate and substitute with plate ground to overheads or.... get creative and find a medium rock on your property ;))) I've done that before!


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