1-22-20 COMP PREP Bench Openers

1-22-20 COMP PREP Bench Openers

Warm up

Take a few mins to warm up:

  • back (back extensions or reverse hyper)
  • abs (plank, hanging leg raises, sit ups)
  • shoulders
  • lats

Bench openers

  • 1st attempt
  • 2nd attempt w/reverse bands or press to 2 boards
    You may be tempted to do your 2nd without assistance, DON'T.

Auxiliary work

  • Barbell row 4x6-8 moderate
  • single arm bent over row 4x6 each side moderate
  • Tricep work of choice:
    3x8-10 Barbell overhead extension -moderate
    3x8-10 DB tricep rollback -moderate3x8-10 barbell skull crusher to pins - moderate
  • hammer curl 4x10-12
  • 1x100 tricep "push downs"
  • 1x100 straight arm pull down
  • 1x100 banded facepulls

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