1-27-20 Volume Lower Body

Warm up
3 rounds

  • lunge with lizard pose *both sides
  • 12 ab mat sit ups
  • 10-12 back ext or reverse hyper
  • banded glute kick backs

Main work

  • Squats 10x2x60% +25%band tension
    1. if you don't have bands use 10x2x85%
    2. for those nursing any kind of back/knee injury do these to a high box. Work around your injury if possible

Auxiliary work

  • Stiff leg deadlifts 4x6x50% of your regular 1RM deadlift (lighten weight if needed)
  • DB hamstring curl Here 4x10-12
  • Bulgarian Split squat 4x5 *each side

Optional 2nd workout at least 4 hours later
Optional if you have time in your schedule and energy. These movements can be as simple as 20-30 min moderate cardio. Don't over do it tho..Recovery, Recovery, RECOVERY.

  • 4x45 sec row
  • 4x1min sled drag

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