10-13-20 Week 2 of 3 week cycle. D/E upper

10-13-20 Week 2 of 3 week cycle. D/E upper

Training notes: We will be working speed work for the next 2 weeks on our d/e (dynamic effort) days. Your bar speed needs to move fast. Lower bar weight if needed.

Warm up
Let's get those lats and rear delts fired up! Technique que in bench is to pull the lats down, one way we can practice and prepare is by the banded single arm lat pull. Watch this video HERE to do it properly

  • 10-15 banded single arm lat pull - each side
  • 10-15 lying side rotations HERE
  • 30 sec bottoms up kb hold

Main work

  • Speed Bench
    narrow grip 3x3x45-50%+25% band or chain
    mediuim grip 3x3x45-50%+25% band or chain
    wide grip 3x3x45-50%+25% band or chain
    *if you don't have access to bands or chains for resistance, use straight bar weight of 50-60% - lower percentage is bar speed is slow.

Auxiliary work
As a guideline, always try to add weight when possible but maintain good form

  • Jm press 3x8-10 - heavy
    option to choose a different tricep movement if the jm press aggravates your elbows
  • Single arm lat pull down  6x12-14
    review the banded single arm pull down video
  • Landmine row 6x12-14
  • Db lateral side raises 3x10-12- moderate to heavy
  • incline rear delt fly 3x10-12, then 1x"max reps" HERE
  • Banded tricep pull down 1x100
  • Banded single arm rear delt fly 1x100 (each side)
  • 100 Abs of choice- DON'T CHEAT YOURSELF!

Second workout

  • 20 mins of:
    • 10 Banded tricep pull down
    • 10 db shoulder press
    • 10 hammer curls

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