10-16-20 Week 2 of 3 week cycle. Max Effort upper body

Warm up
Let's get those lats, triceps and rear delts fired up!

  • 10-15 banded single arm lat pull - each side HERE
  • 10-15 lying side rotations HERE
  • 20-30 Banded tricep pull downs
  • 30 sec bottoms up kb hold

Main work

  • max effort shoulder press or push press (your choice today) 3x1
    3 singles above 90%
  • 3x6x65% close grip
  • incline DB rear delt flys 3x10-12
  • DB lateral side raises 3x10-12
  • super set for 10 rounds
    • 8-10 Lat pull down wide grip - light
      sub with banded lat pull down if needed.
    • 8-10 Barbell bent over row - light/moderate
  • Banded tricep pull down 1x100
  • Banded pull apart 1x100
  • Banded single arm lat pull 1x100 each side
    pull elbow into side
  • 100 ab of choice

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