10-23-20 Week 3 of 3 week cycle. Max Effort Upper body

Main work

  • Bench 3x1x90% or above. The goal is 3 singles at 90% or above. Choose one of the following:
    • Bench from pins 3 in from chest  3x1
    • Specialty bar (example- football bar) 3x1
    • Bench using 2 boards 3x1
  • push press 5x5x75%

Auxiliary work
superset the following with little rest:

  • hammer curls 5x10-12
  • DB tricep ext 5x10-12

8 rounds tabata 30 secs work 15 secs rest of:

  • pull ups or pull up variation
  • db lateral raises
  • weighted sit up to russian twist


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