11-13-20 WEEK 2 of 3 week cycle. FRIDAY Max effort upper

Main work

  • Bench from pins 4in from chest 3x1
    Get 3 singles in at 90% or above
  • Close grip 5x5x70%

Auxiliary work

  • Snatch grip barbell rows 5x6-8 -moderate/heavy
  • DB incline row 5x6 each side- moderate/heavy
  • Db lateral side raise pyramid:
    • 4x10 start light and increase weight each set, no rest between sets
    • rest 15 secs
    • 4x10 start at heaviest set and decrease weight each set, no rest between sets
  • 1x100 single arm banded tricep pull downs
  • 1x100 ab of choice
  • 1x100 barbell pushups
    Raise the bar to the height needed to get through all 100. Keep the movement in the upper back and triceps and not the front of the shoulders

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