11-18-20 WEEK 3 of 3 week cycle. WEDNESDAY light recovery

Warm up

  • Yoga flow- forward fold- plank- updog- down dog- lunge with twist - swan pose.  Make sure to do both sides


Complete the following

  • 4x12-15 db or barbell shrugs
  • 4x 20-30 secs bench lockout holds - bamboo or earthquake bar
    Take some time to find a weight that is challenging and yet doable. If you don't have access to a bamboo or earthquake bar, substitute with bottoms up kb holds on an incline bench (message us if you need video demonstration)
  • 4x15 reverse hyper @ 50% of 1 rep squat


  • 4x40 secs rowing or jump rope- keep rest at 15-20 secs between rounds

4 rounds of:

  • 1 heavy sled trip
  • 40 ab of choice
  • 20 db tricep roll back - light/moderate

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