11-2-20 WEEK 1 of 3 week cycle. Max Effort Lower

11-2-20 WEEK 1 of 3 week cycle. Max Effort Lower

Warm up

Get your glutes firing before you start squatting. Here's a good warm up from Andrew Lock. HERE

  • 25 supine clam shells
    lay on bench with knees bent - it will take out the hamstring and isolate the glutes
  • 25 banded hip thrusters
  • 25 banded box squats

Main Work

  • Squat 3x1
    Work up in weight and perform 3 heavy singles at 90% or above

Auxiliary work

  • banded goodmornings 3x6-8
  • back ext 5x8-10 holding heavy plate
  • reverse hyper 5x8-10- heavy
  • 4 rounds of:
    • 40 secs sled drag -moderate/heavy
    • 40 secs atlas stone to shoulder - moderate weight
      if you don't have atlas stones, sub with barbell or sandbag clean & press
    • 40 secs weighted or banded sit up
    • 2 min rest
  • end with 100 banded kickbacks each side

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