11-24-20 COMP PREP Tuesday d/e upper

11-24-20 COMP PREP Tuesday d/e upper

Main work

  • Bench 8x8x60-75%
The percentage is a range. Find the range you can hit all sets & reps. 8 sets of 8 reps is rough and we only have 2 weeks of it. Make note of your weight today, We'll be adding 5lbs next week, so be sure that today you choose a weight you can get all reps without failure.
  • Shoulder press 5x3

    work up in weight to your last set being the heaviest

Auxiliary work

  • Jm press from pins 3x6-8 moderate/heavy
  • DB floor press 3x8-10 moderate
  • Landmine row 5x10
  • Pull ups 5x6-8
if you’re stronger in the pull up, try to push the reps
  • Banded single arm tricep pull downs 1x100 each arm
  • Banded pull aparts 1x100 thumbs up
  • Banded chest supported row 1x100

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