11-25-20 COMP PREP Wednesday Recovery and Restoration

11-25-20 COMP PREP Wednesday Recovery and Restoration

Wednesday's work is focused on recovery and body awareness. We are strengthening "the Pillar". Focus on activation of the muscle group and movement. Blood flow versus power for today.  Take it lighter on the weights if you need to. 

Warm up 


  • 4x 8-10 Victory Press, demo HERE
  • 4x 10-12 DB Tricep Kickbacks. demo HERE

Hip Ab/Adduction with Glute Kick

         3 ROUNDS: All three movements do for sets of 15 with no rest between sets. 2 minute REST between series.

  • Banded adductor, green band, feet together, demo HERE
  • Banded Abductor, demo HERE
  • Banded Kick Back, demo HERE

Finish with: 

  • 100 Abs of your choice (don't forget your obliques!). You can stick to one move or break this into several. 
  • Choice of: 10 minute Sled (light to moderate weight - blood flow not power), 10 minute Row, Jump Rope: 5 Rounds of 50 jumps with 60 second rest.  The purpose is to support GPP development.

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