11-26-19 Lower Body focus conditioning

Warm up
3 rounds of tabata 20 secs work/10 secs rest:

  • mtn climber
  • plank hold
  • squats


  • banded kick backs 4x10 each side
  • banded glute thrusters 4x12
  • banded leg raises 4x10 each side

Conditioning work
4 rounds of the following with as little rest as possible:

  • 100 jump rope
  • 5 deadlifts @50%
  • 6 bulgarian split squat *each side
  • 8 ball slams

training notes:
jump rope: sub with 10 box jumps, 1 min row, or 10 burpees
deadlift: if you don't know your 1rm, choose a light/med weight you can complete the workout with

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