11-4-19 Volume upper body

Warm up
3 rounds of:

  • 15 facepulls
  • 15 db lateral raises *light
  • 8 db shoulder press *light
  • 15 db bicep curl *light

Main work

  • Bench 5x5x60% +5lbs  *if you logged your weight from 2 weeks ago, add 5lbs to your sets or if that is too difficult, do one extra set
  • Push press 4x3

Auxiliary work

  • DB lateral raises 4x14
  • DB rear delt fly 4x14
  • DB front raise 4x14
  • lat pull down 3x12
  • incline row 3x12
  • straight arm band pull down 3x20

end with

  • 100 banded lateral side raises
  • 100 banded reverse flys

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