11-8-19 Max Effort Upper body

This saturday 8:30am is a pop up shop and free workout.. feel free to invite your friends! Kristen from Wild Roots Style co. will be here with all the cute things!!!

Warm up
2 rounds of:

  • 15 banded facepulls
  • 10 db shoulder press
  • 20 db bench press


  • 2x 2min jump rope or 2min row

Main work

  • Work up to a 1 rep max reverse band bench
    *if you don't have the equipment to set up reverse bands, substitute movement with floor press

Auxiliary work

  • close grip bench 4x8-10 *last set to failure
  • db tricep roll back 4x10-12 *last set to failure
  • db bent over rows 4x6-8 each side *heavy
  • seated goodmornings 3x10-12
  • banded overhead tricep ext 3x15-20

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