11-10-20 WEEK 2 of 3 week cycle. TUESDAY volume upper

Main work

  • Bench 6x6x75-80% - comp grip
    Make note of your weight today, We'll be adding 5lbs each week for 2 weeks, so be sure that today you choose a weight you can get all reps without failure. PERFECT FORM!
  • DB Incline bench 4x6

Auxiliary work

  • Superset the following with little rest:
    • lat pull downs with wide grip (use football bar) 6x10
    • pull ups 6x"max reps"
      don't go to absolute failure, think "90% left in the tank each round"
  • Superset the following with little rest:
    • barbell or db push press 3x10 - heavy as possible
    • bicep curls 3x10 - heavy as possible

Second workout
Can be done later in the day as a second workout if time/fatigue is an issue

  • 3 Rounds of the following:
    • 5 min sled "PUSH"- moderate
    • 50 banded tricep pull downs
    • 50 banded rear delt flys or light weight db

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