12-17-20 COMP PREP Thursday d/e lower

12-17-20 COMP PREP Thursday d/e lower

Warm up

  • yoga flow to prime the body
  • 2 rounds of:
    • 50 banded abductors
    • 10 banded lunges - each side -supported bodyweight if needed
    • 5-10 squats - holding at the bottom for 3 secs
    • 20 back extensions

Main work

  • Squats 3x3x80%
    This should be very quick. Warm up, do your sets and move on. This whole week is a "deload-ish" week. No deads today. In three weeks we'll pull our deadlift opener. Start preparing your 3 attempts. If you need help figuring out attempts, please don't hesitate to reach out. Note: you may feel weak & beat up right now. Don't let it get to your head..it's all part of the process. We've been pushing our limits and it's to be expected. If you've made all your training... TRUST THE PROCESS. You will feel strong on comp day!
  • 15 min heavy sled
  • back extensions 5x8-10 holding heavy plate
  • reverse hyper 5x15-20 @65% of your 1 rep max squat
  • 100 med ball goodmornings
  • 100 ab of choice


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