12-18-20 COMP PREP Friday Max effort upper

12-18-20 COMP PREP Friday Max effort upper

Warm up
If you missed any part of yesterday's work, add it in for your warm up.

  • yoga flow
  • 2 rounds of:
    • 1 heavy sled trip
    • 20 back extension
    • 30 secs bird dog hold- each side
    • 40 banded kick backs - each side

Main work

  • DB incline bench 3x”max reps”
    Take a few warm up sets, then complete 3 rounds of Max Effort Reps.
  • Shoulder press 5x5x70%
  • incline db row 3x8-10 moderate/heavy
  • pull ups 3x6-8
    If you're stronger in this movement or doing kipping, push the reps more
  • Superset with little rest:
    • 5x10 tricep overhead ext
    • 5x10 hammer curl
    • 5x30 banded tricep pull down

Second workout

  • 100 banded rear delt fly
  • 100 chest supported row
  • 100 banded pull overs


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