12-21-20 COMP PREP Monday Max Effort lower

12-21-20 COMP PREP Monday Max Effort lower

Warm up

  • Yoga flow
  • 2 rounds of:
    • 30 banded goodmornings
    • 30 banded abductors
    • 30 sit ups

Main work

  • Trap bar or axle bar deadlift 3x1x90%
    Use straps on axle if needed, If you don't have access to a trap or axle bar, sub today's movement with a rack pull from knees
  • Goodmornings 4x8-10 moderate weight
  • Reverse hyper 6x12 @80% of your 1 rep squat max
  • 2x100 med ball gm or banded hamstring curls

Second workout

  • 15 mins of:

    • 1 heavy sled trip

    • 15 back extension
    • 15-20 weighted abs

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