12-3-20 COMP PREP Thursday d/e lower body

12-3-20 COMP PREP Thursday d/e lower body

Warm up

6 rounds tabata 30 secs work/15 secs rest

  • banded hamstring curls
  • air squats
  • hanging leg raises or leg lowers on the floor
  • back ext or reverse hyper - light

Main work

  • SSB or camber bar box squats 10x2x60% +25% band tension or chains
  • Deadlifts 10x1x65% chains or bands if it moves with speed
  • barbell glute thrusters 5x10-12
  • DB box step ups 5x6 each side - heavy as possible at a medium box height

Second workout
Second workouts should be done at a separate time after rest and may be too much work for beginners. If you're unable to finish the second workout, consider using it as your warm up on the next day's work.

  • Sled drag 4xtrips moderate/heavy
  • Back extension 4x20 body weight only

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