12-30-19 max effort upper

warm up

2 rounds of

  • 12 banded shoulder side raises
  • 20 banded bicep curls 
  • 10  banded shoulder press

then 2 rounds of:

  • 20 DB bench press *light weight for warm up
  • 20 DB double bent over rows 
  • 20 DB clean & press 

main work 

  • work up to a 1 rep max bench press from pins 2in from chest 
  • pin presses 4x6x60%*last set do an amrap

auxiliary work

  • barbell rows 3x12
  • lat pull downs 3x12
  • DB single arm bent over row 3x12
  • bicep curls 3x20 
  • burpees 1x100

training notes:

pin presses- if you don’t have access to safety racks or pins sub with floor presses

burpees: you can break the 100 in any way you like to accumulate 100



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