12-2-20 COMP PREP Wednesday Recovery and Restoration

12-2-20 COMP PREP Wednesday Recovery and Restoration

Wednesday is time to get the blood flowing! Today's workout is set up according to the original Tabata recommendation - get your equipment ready before, know your rotations.

**Always keep in mind walking is one of the best full body workouts we can do. Walking gets the blood flowing, alleviates pain, assists recovery and, if outside, provides Vitamin D. A 10 minute walk after meals helps with digestion. If you can't get to the official "workouts", step outside for a few minutes - you deserve this.




Warm up: 


             TABATA 8 Rounds 20:10 (Thanks to Dr. Izumi Tabata)

  • Wall Ball or air squats
  • Plank
  • Flutter kick
  • Tricep dip
  • Bicycle Crunch

            BANDS 4 Rounds

 Cool down, hydrate, appreciate. 

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