2-12-20 Max Effort upper

Warm up
3 rounds of:

  • 20 banded reverse fly
  • 20 banded bicep curls
  • 20 banded tricep pull downs
  • 20 DB shoulder press *light

*note if its cold early morning add in 5 rounds tabata 20/10 of:

  • lateral floor hops
  • barbell push ups
  • ball slams

Main work

  • Work up to a 1 rep max Axle Push Press
    *option- if you don't have access to an axle bar or swiss bar, sub with a regular bar
  • Axle push press 3x6x70% of today's 1rm

Auxiliary work

  • DB shoulder side raises 4x14
  • DB shoulder press 4x14
  • DB shoulder front raise 4x14

then, 8 rounds tabata 20secs work 10 secs rest of:

  • boat pose
  • superman hold
  • scissor kick

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