2-16-21 TUESDAY Volume Bench

2-16-21 TUESDAY Volume Bench

Main Work

  • Bench - wide grip 6x6
    Warm up then, find a weight that you can get all sets & reps. Log your weight. Next week add 5-10lbs
  • Incline Bench 3x6x65%

Auxiliary work

  • Triceps- superset with little rest:
    • DB tricep roll backs 3x6-8 heavy
    • DB supine grip press 3x"max reps"
  • Incline DB rows 5x5 heavy
  • close grip lat pull down 5x8-10 moderate/heavy


  • Superset with little rest:
    • DB shoulder press 3x8-10
    • DB lateral side raise 3x8-10
    • Barbell upright row 3x8-10

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