2-23-21 TUESDAY Volume Upper Body

2-23-21 TUESDAY Volume Upper Body

Main work

  • Bench- wide grip 6x6
    add 5-10lbs from 2/16. Hopefully you logged your weight. If you're unable to add 5lbs, reduce weight back down and finish sets/reps
  • Incline Bench 4x3x75-80%

Auxiliary work

  • 4 rounds
    The goal today this is to push the max reps to just before failure. First, Do as many DB press reps as you can, then with no rest do as many pull ups as you can. REST 1-2 mins between sets. The goal for reps on your DB press is around 10-12 reps on your first set and expect each set for it to decrease. If you're getting 20 or more, go for a heavier weight.
    • DB bench press "max reps"
    • Pull ups "max reps"
  • reverse hyper 3x10-12 @50% of your 1RM

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