2-7-20 Upper body Volume

Warm up
3 rounds of:

  • 10 plate front raise
  • 10 plate ground to overhead
  • 10 shrugs

then 2 rounds of:

  • 6-8 scap only push up
  • 8 up downs (burpee without pushup or jump at top)

Main work

  • Bench 5x5
    *if you recorded last week's weight add 5lbs if possible. If you're unable to complete all sets and reps at the additional weight; stay at the same weight for another week + on your 5th set do as many as possible.
  • Axel bar clean 6x3 work up in weight to a heavy set of 3
    *if you don't have access to an axel or another specialty bar use a regular bar

Auxiliary work

  • standing banded rows 3x20
  • db overhead tricep extension 3x14
  • banded tricep push down 3x20
  • incline reverse flys 3x14

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