3-17-20 Tuesday upper body focus conditioning

Another #tiffanytuesday coming at you strong. We will have video of all movements up on IG by 9am for reference. See substitutions below

Warm up

2rounds of:

  • 8-10 cuban rotation
  • 10-15 band pull aparts
  • 15-20 band pull aparts


Each workout is 5 rounds tabata 30 secs work/ 15secs rest- rest 2 mins in between each workout:

Complete 5 rounds of:

  • farmer carry
  • plank hold

Complete 5 rounds of:

  • clean & press
  • pull ups

Complete 5 rounds of:

  • burpees
  • goodmornings HERE

Complete 5 rounds of:

  • stone to shoulder
  • wall sit

then end with partner abs
*one partner planks while the other completes the reps/movements

  • 20 leg lowers
  • 40 heel taps
  • 20 Brazilian crunches

training notes & substitutions:
farmer carry: if you don't farmer carry handles use the heaviest DB you can
clean & press: modify using DB's if needed
pull ups: use bands or try TRX rows
burpees: elevate these from the bench and step out if needed
goodmornings: these can be done holding a DB or med ball if you don't have a barbell.  Make sure to stay light until you are comfortable with this movement. Watch here for tips.
stone to shoulder: most of you won't have atlas stones available to you. you can sub this movement with heavy plate ground to overheads or back extensions.


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