3-8-21 MONDAY Max Effort Lower

3-8-21 MONDAY Max Effort Lower
Main Work
  • Specialty bar high box squat 3x1 +chains
Use any specialty bar and work up to a heavy single but no failures. Add 1-2 chains or bands. If you don't have access to a specialty bar, use a regular bar high box.
  • Paused deadlift complex 4x5x60-65%
Pause 3 secs at just below knees - lower back to the floor and then pull a full rep. Keep back arch strong on the pause. If you're losing your back arch and you're rounding, drop weight, it will do you no good to keep at it with poor technique.
Auxiliary work
  • Barbell glute thrusters 5x10-12
  • DB stiff leg deadlifts 5x10-12
  • Reverse hyper 3x12-14
  • back extension or ghd 3x12-14
  • 1x100 banded hamstring curls

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