3-9-21 TUESDAY Volume Upper body

3-9-21 TUESDAY Volume Upper body

Main work

  • Speed Bench w/bands COMP GRIP 5x5x30-50% + 1 light band
    Today's work is for speed and the percentage on the bar can be adjusted to keep bar speed. The best way to determine what your bar weight should be is to begin with 30%. If you can maintain bar speed then increase the percent. When the bar slows down, then decrease percentage on the bar.
  • Close grip bench 1x10
    Work up in weight to a top set of 10 reps. This may take 5-6 sets to find.
  • Incline DB bench 3x12
    Take a warm up set to find a good working weight, then start your sets.

Auxiliary work
NOTE: For auxiliary work the goal of this is to fatigue the muscle fibers. Take a warm up set if you need to pre fatigue and/or find the right working weight. Also another way to "fatigue" is to keep rest low between movements and sets.

  • Wide grip pull ups 3x5
    weighted if needed
  • Tbar row 3x8
  • DB incline row 3x8
  • Lat pull downs 3x8
  • Banded pull aparts 1x100
  • Plank hold 3x60 secs
    add weight if possible

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