4-1-21 THURSDAY volume lower body

4-1-21 THURSDAY volume lower body

Main work

  • Box squats 10x2x55% +25% band tension or chains
  • Deadlifts 10x1x65% + 30% chains
  • Atlas stones 2x60 secs
    If you don't have atlas stones, do you have a sand bag or heavy med ball throw? move on if you can't substitute

Auxiliary work

  • Reverse hyper 4x20 moderate
  • 2x100 hamstring of choice: banded curls, lying banded curls, banded goodmornings
  • Heavy DB side bends 3x20 each side
  • Box Jumps 3x10 - very little rest between sets. Partner up, one person go, then the 2nd person.

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