4-14-20 Upper body focus conditioning

Complete 5 rounds of:

  • 30 sec toe taps
  • 12 bicep to arnold press
  • 30 sec shoulder taps
  • 12 box dips
  • 30 sec KB swing
  • 12 front raise to lateral raises


  • 125 crab toe touches
    *Each time you break do 25 sec plank jacks

then 4 rounds tabata Abs 25 secs work/10 secs work of:

  • Flutter kick hollow body KB hold
  • Pike crunch to leg lower

If you're up for the challenge to do it after all of the above work! I see only the brave spirits doing this- PROVE ME WRONG! Tag your GGB sisters of Iron and @garagegymbarbell

Here's how it goes.. spell your FULL name and do the movements as fast and as best you can.

A= show us your best dance move
B= 20 jumping jack
C= 15 fire hydrants to glute kickbacks *each side
D= 30 banded abductors
E= 20 butt kickers
F= max plank hold
G= 20 leg lowers
H= max handstand or DB overhead hold
I= 25 squats
J= chug a whole water bottle
K= show us your favorite upper body movement x20reps
L= 8 burpees
M= 40 heel taps
N= 10 pushups
O= FLEX show us those gainz
P= 25 squat pause
Q= do another round of the tabata abs
R= 30 sec sit ups
S= max handstand hold
T= max DB side holds
U= 35 flutter kicks
V= 40 monsters walks
W= 20 plank jacks
X= 30 high knees
Y= 20 walking planks
Z= show us your best twerk

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