4-17-20 Max effort upper body

Main work

  • Push press 3x5x75% 3x3x85%, 3x1x90%
  • Wide grip bench press 4x6x60%

DB auxiliary work only

Complete 5 rounds with as little rest as possible of:

  • 12 incline tricep ext HERE
  • 100 jump rope
  • 8 handstand push-ups

**See below for substitutions

Training notes:
Jump rope- if you don't have a jump rope substitute with ONE of the following:

  • 12 ball slams
  • 60 toe taps
  • 200 meter jog
  • 10 box jumps

Handstand pushups- substituted with ONE of the following:

  • modified box handstand push-ups HERE
  • handstand hold for 20 secs
  • DB push press

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