4-19-21 MONDAY m/e lower

4-19-21 MONDAY m/e lower

Main work

  • Camber bar or SSB goodmornings 5x3
    Work up to a max set of 3, no singles. If you don't have a specialty bar, do these with a regular bar.
  • Sumo dl 5x5 @ 60% (focus on form and speed) Add band or chain if it feels too light.
  • Super set
    • Rev hyper 3x20
    • back extension or GHD 3x12 with plate
    • Lots & lots abs (your choice) 3xbunch
  • Hamstrings:
    • 2x100 your choice- banded curls, banded gm, med ball goodmornings, seated med ball goodmornings
  • Sled- 6 trips moderate weight with minimal rest between trips


Susie, Diane & Courtney
Note- we are on a different training cycle. If you are not competing 5/16- DO ONLY THE ABOVE

Projected openers for deadlift
Susie- 335
Diane- 275
Courntey- 255

Gms 5x5 moderate
Sled 10 min
back raise or GHD 3x12
Rev hyper 3x12
Band gms 100

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