4-23-21 FRIDAY max effort upper

4-23-21 FRIDAY max effort upper

Main work

  • 6” pin press 3x1 @ 90% or above
  • Close grip 3x6x 75% of single above
    note- if close grip is getting to your shoulders, use boards or slingshot to relieve
  • Incline db press 3x15
  • Super set
    • tricep push downs 5x20
    • hammer curls 5x10-12
  • band face pulls x100
  • Band seated rows x100
  • Band  tri push downs x100

Susie & Courtney

close grip reverse band 3>1
3x6x75% of single
JM press 5x5 heavy (pay attention to your elbows…be careful)
Pulldowns 5x12
Side laterals 5x12
Band tris 100

Band tris x100
Band face pulls 100
Band rows 100

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