4-3-20 Upper body volume

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Main work

  • Bench 10x2
    If you've been following the GGB programming- add 5lbs to your last weight we did on 3-24. If you're unable to add 5lbs, stay at the same weight this week. If you're just jumping into our programming, find a weight that you can successfully complete all 10 sets & 2 reps. Log your weight.

DB ONLY Auxiliary work
Complete the 5 rounds of the following with as little rest as possible:

  • 10 DB incline press *if you don't have anything do an incline sub w/seated shoulder press
  • max reps push ups
  • 10 DB bicep curls
  • max reps banded "palm up" pull aparts
  • 10 DB overhead tricep extensions
  • max reps banded tricep pull downs

Note: for the max reps try to do as many as you can, however you don't have to reach absolute failure... just do a bunch and try to keep at that same pace each round.

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