4-8-21 THURSDAY d/e lower

4-8-21 THURSDAY d/e lower

Main work

  • Box squats 8x2x60% + 25% chain or band
  • Deadlifts 8x1x70% + 30% chains

Auxiliary work

  • DB stiff leg dead 5x8
  • DB step ups 5x5 heavy- moderate box
  • back extension 3x12-15 holding heavy plate
  • 1x100 banded hamstring of choice
  • 1x100 ab of choice

Courtney & Susie comp prep 5/15

3x5x80% sqt
3x6x70% dl
Super set……45* back raise 5x6 + 45# plate, abs (a bunch)
Heavy sled… 5 “trips” up and back minimal rest between trips
1x100 banded hamstring curls
1x100 ab of choice

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