4-9-21 FRIDAY m/e upper

4-9-21 FRIDAY m/e upper

Main work

  • Incline bench 3x1
    work up to a heavy single
  • Close grip 3x6x75%
  • ultra wide grip 3x20
    find a weight that challenges you. If this grip hurts your should, switch to ultra close grip and work your triceps

Auxiliary work

  • Incline db press 3x15
  • super set:
    • tricep pushdowns 5x20
    • hammer curls 5x10-12
  • Banded facepulls 1x100
  • banded seated rows 1x100
  • banded tricep pull downs 1x100

Susie & Courtney

6” pin incline press 3>1
Close grip 3x6x 75%

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