5-15-20 Max effort upper body

Main work
  • Work up to a 1 rep max Bench press + chains
    Warm up to 80% bar weight then keep adding 1 chain each side until finding a max lift.

    Note regarding how to attach chains: set your chains so that most of the chain weight is lifted off the ground as you unrack and have arms fully extended, leave only a link or two touching the floor. You don't want it swinging but you also don't want too much chain resting on the floor. It's helpful to have carabiners & leader chains to make adjustments to chain height.

    IF YOU DON'T HAVE CHAINS: substitute today's bench with either a floor press or (2) board press.

Auxiliary work

  • rear delt fly 3x12-14
  • face pull 3x12-14
  • landmine row 3x12-14
    if you don't have a landmine handle attachment, try using a towel


Garage Gym "Down with Cardio"

Complete 3 rounds of:
1 min sled drag
30 sec rest
1 min sand bag over shoulder toss
30 sec rest
1 min plank
30 sec rest


Training notes:
Substitutions may be necessary for this workout. Can you create a makeshift "Sled"? If needed sub the sled drag with rowing or 400 meter run

Sand bag over the shoulder can be sub'ed with Stone to shoulder, or any sand bag clean.

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