5-18-21 TUESDAY upper body

5-18-21 TUESDAY upper body

Light workout today tribe to be ready for your last max effort day. Friday will be a max effort floor press, then two small workouts next week and we shut it down.  Stop all your extra activities if you haven't already and rest next week. Trust the process. I promise that you will not 1) loose your gains 2) get super fat.

You get to pick the moves but let me know if you need help ;)

  • shoulders 3x10-12 light
  • side delts or rear delts 3x10-12 light
  • back 3x10-12 light
  • another back movement 3x10-12
  • triceps 3x10-12 light
  • banded work lots & lots
  • ab work lots & lots


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