5-26-20 Max Effort Upper Body

It's Susie and Jayme's BDay! We're celebrating with all the reps of 45 & 38!

Main work

  • Bench- Specialty bar work up to a 1 rep max
    if you don't have a specialty bar sub with regular bench, floor press, board press or another max effort.

Auxiliary work

  • DB later side raises 4x10
    start with a light weight, each round increase by 5lbs. Keep rest very short!
  • DB lateral side raises 4x10
    rest 15-20 secs, then start with your heaviest weight and decrease by 5lbs each round. Keep rest very short!
  • Front plate raise or DB front raise 2x10
    choose a moderate weight that it a struggle to get to 10 reps
  • Tricep overhead extension 3x12-14
  • banded tricep pull downs 3x20-30

Birthday workout
Complete the following with as little rest as possible. Choose any rep scheme to complete the reps. Example you can divide the reps into 4 rounds or stay on one movement for all the reps before moving to the next. Your choice!

  • 45 pull ups
  • 38 burpees

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