5-29-20 upper body volume

Main work

  • incline bench 5x5x70%

if you don’t know what your 70% is, work up in weight 


auxiliary work 

  • incline rear delt fly 4x10-12
  • arnold press 3x10-12
  • Db shoulder press 3x10-12
  • banded rear delt fly 3x10-12 *hold for 2 secs 

then, 2 rounds of:


  • 2 mins jump rooe
  • 4 rounds tabata - pull ups & sit ups 
  • 2 min box jumps 

note- the tabata is to be done immediately after the 2 min jump rope.  Alternate pull up or pull up variation and sit ups 4 rounds of 20 secs work 10 secs rest.  Then immediately go to 2 min box jump or step ups 

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