Main work

  • close grip reverse band 3x1x90% or new max
  • close grip reverse band 3x6x75% of single
  • JM press 5x5 heavy (pay attention to your elbows…be careful)
  • Lat Pulldowns 5x12
  • DB Side laterals 5x12
  • Hammer curls 5x12
  • Band triceps 100

Second workout

  • Banded triceps 1x100
  • Banded facepulls 1x100
  • Banded rows 1x100


Susie, Diane & Courtney

floor press 3>1
floor press 3x6x75% of single
db press 3x8 heavy
jm press 5x5 heavy
band tris 100

Pulldowns 5x8 heavy
Side laterals 5x12
Band tris 100


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